What is tact switch
Touch switch reset function
The general operation of the light touch switch will actively run its reset operation, such as the button of the switch, the switch will be switched on once, after leaving the press again, it will be switched on again. And for the keys of the mobile phone, remote control, household appliances, and so on are useful to touch the switch. And with the rapid development of technology, for the current light-touch switch, its switch USES conductive rubber or other non-damaging component material to replace the metal shrapnel, which can greatly enhance the service life of the light-touch switch, and the circuit output power of the switch is relatively stable.

Light touch switch basic instructions
In the welding process of the switch, it is necessary to confirm the conditions of the switch parameters. Because if the conditions are different, the force applied on the terminals will be different, otherwise it is possible to cause the switch deformation and deterioration, so in the use of the process must pay attention to this point. And in the light touch switch, the influence on the thermal stress, to prepare for full confirmation before use, after switch twice after welding, it is important to ensure that in the previous after welding, return to room temperature before state in the welding of the second time, or the temperature of the switch can also cause high switch terminal is likely to fall off, leading to switch electrical conductivity decreased.
Advantages and disadvantages of light touch switch
The advantages of light touch switch are easy to use, low price, etc., and in the plug and connect mode of the switch assembly circuit is also easy to change the circuit and components of the switch. the light touch switch is widely used in electronic equipment and household appliances. However, with the widespread use of switches, there are also some deficiencies in the use of the switch, and after the use of multiple keys, the switch reed will become loose, poor elasticity, easy to cause bad contact phenomenon.
Light switch selection tips
In the selection of the light touch switch, the general quality of the switch will directly affect the use of the switch and equipment, so usually in the selection of the switch, we should pay attention to the switch weldability, protection and conduction and other parameters. And whether the key touch of the switch is rough, it will directly affect the service life of the switch and other factors. Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection of these switches in the purchase of common sense.