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SHOUHAN tact switch for your project
Electronics parts can be a pain to choose for OEM/ODM your project. It is often hard to tell from manufacturers’ tactile switches datasheets if a part will fit your design.
We auditioned different smd tactile switches from SHOUHAN to find a cheap button to use in your upcoming projects. A Tactile switch, also called a momentary button or push-to-make switch, is commonly used for input and microcontroller resets. This type of button creates a temporary electrical connection when pressed.
SHOUHAN’s smd tactile switches famous for its high quality, durable using life, already supply for top 500 companies such as SAMSUNG,LG,PANASONIC, MIDEA, HISENSE, SCHNEIDER, ARCADUAN,FLYCO, OMARON, CANON.
Regular SMD tactile switches( 6x6mm): it is large and easy to solder. The button has two pairs of leads that connect internally to the same switch- although there are four legs you only get a single switch. You only need to connect one pin from each pair to use the button.

Our SHOUHAN Brand tact switches are all with best quality, the life time can be even exceed 1000000 times, which is much higher than the common switch in the market. Meanwhile, we have our own R & D team and can do OEM products or packing as you request. If you are interested, pls freely consult us online or make a call with phone number 13713903143, Thanks.